Awakening Your Innate Intelligence

Backpacks and Your Spine

Pack It Light. Wear It Right. It’s common for kids to lug around backpacks appearing to be twice their body weight. Though it may seem cool to sling a heavy load over one shoulder – long-term head, neck, and shoulder pain are not. Here are some helpful tips that will help your child carry his ~Read More

Technology Detox

Are You In Need Of A Digital Detox? Unless you’re living out in the countryside, it can be pretty difficult to escape technology. It’s everywhere you look, and even though it makes life easier in a lot of ways, it can consume much of our time and lead to issues in health and relationships. Whether ~Read More

Why Does My Spine Misalign?

Why Does My Spine Get Misaligned? From the day you were born, and even before then, your spine had subtle misalignments. The way you were positioned in the womb wasn’t perfectly symmetrical. The birth process doesn’t help either, as doctors struggle to get you in the right position so you can come into the world ~Read More

Tips For Travel Because Subluxations Don't Take Vacations!

Tips For Travel Because Subluxations Don’t Take Vacations! The summer season is here! Along with that, many of us will venture out of town to enjoy a little down time…INCLUDING US! As a reminder the office will be closed the entire week of July 4th The summer season is here! Along with that, many of ~Read More

Don't Let The Needle Get To "E"

Don’t Let the Needle Get to “E” I’m forever reminding my spouse (with total love of course),”…honey, don’t let the gas gauge get to E. Fill up when it hits a quarter left because you don’t want to run out of fuel when you need it the most – like when on the highway with ~Read More

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